Susan’s Story

Hank’s Storysilhouette family house
In 2012, Hank, a longtime Tallahassee resident and father of two young children, experienced his first seizure. With no medical warning signs, Hank began convulsing in his bedroom, blacked out and fell to the floor. His wife, Beth, called an ambulance, he was taken to the emergency room and treated. This is when Hank’s life with epilepsy began. From appointments with the neurologist to a battery of tests to taking medication every single day to not being able to drive, Hank has had to adapt to his new reality. Without insurance, it’s been difficult for him to handle medical and prescription bills. The Tallahassee Neurological Clinic referred him to the Epilepsy Association of the Big Bend (EABB). EABB has sponsored his initial neurologist consultation, an MRI, emergency medication, an EEG and an additional office visit. He has only paid $51.85 out of pocket for the nearly $5,000 in medical services he has received so far.

EABB has also assisted Hank enroll in a federal Prescription Assistance Program to receive free epilepsy medication that typically costs up to $800 per month or more.

In 2013, Hank ran out of medication, had a seizure and hit his head on a sharp corner in his home. EABB was able to quickly help by purchasing emergency medication that would have cost him more than $250. Hank also has access to a patient resource library, educational materials to take home, a monthly epilepsy support group and can call his case manager or EABB staff at any time.

“I just don’t know where I would be without the Epilepsy Association of the Big Bend,” he said. “This has been a very hard time in my life, but it has been so much easier knowing I have support. I would have never been able to afford my medicine, doctor visits or tests. There is no doubt that these people care about me, my wife and my kids. I also feel so comforted to know that I have people looking out for me. I just cannot stop saying thank you.”